Bracadale and Duirinish Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father. Matthew 13:43

The ordination of Mr Donald John Macdonald and Induction of Mr Malcolm Fawkes to the office of the eldership.

The ordination of Mr Donald John Macdonald
and Induction of Mr Malcolm Fawkes to the
office of the eldership. March 2017.

Rev Calum Smith preached from 1 Timothy Ch 5 verse 17.

Firstly, The distinction between the Elder who ‘labours in Word and doctrine’ and the Elder who is to ‘rule well’  in the House of God was made.

Bringing in other portions of Scripture such as 1 Cor Ch 12, Rom Ch 12, as well as the text, 1 Tim Ch 5 verse 17, it was made clear that the three outstanding offices which still continue in the Church today are the preaching Elder (who labours in Word and doctrine) the ruling Elder (who is to rule well in the House of God) and the office of the Deaconship (who distributes to the necessity of the saints)

Secondly, some of the necessary qualifications for the office of the Eldership were highlighted.

Firstly, it was stated that the office of the Eldership required that the Elder should have the saving grace of God himself. 

Secondly, the need for wisdom from above.

Thirdly, to be of good report within and out – with the Church.

Fourthly, that they should be men of prayer.

In coming to address the two men, Mr Smith made it clear that their principle interest was now in the spiritual welfare of the Congregation. Along with the other members of the Kirk Session, they were responsible for receiving any who wish to sit at the Lord’s Table and also granting baptism to those who apply for it, as well as exercising the rod of discipline within the Congregation.

That being so, it was necessary that they do visitation and become well acquainted with the people of the Congregation, especially with those in their own appointed districts for visitation.  

Finally, It was pointed out to both men that by their walk and life and conversation, that they would commend Christ and the Word of God to the people of this Congregation.

The worship concluded with the singing of Psalm 133. 

The other singings during the worship were taken from Psalm 122.

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